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How To Buy


How to Buy

It only takes a few steps to turn your cash into a high-end luxury boutique.

  1. Browse the site & go through our array of high-end International & Indian designer luxury merchandise - Clothes, bags, shoes & other accessories.
  2. Click on the product of your interest, go through product details & images and add it to your shopping cart.


Click on our negotiate option & set your price to be negotiated with the seller.

  1. Pay through our easy secure payment options- Online or COD
  2. LuxuryMonk then receives the item from the seller at our warehouse, where we verify the product against the photos and information provided by the seller.
  3. Our partnered courier service will deliver the product at your doorstep within 16 days from the date of purchase.


Note:  Your final price/total cost is inclusive of a service charge of 10%.


Tips for Successful Buyers

  • Do not purchase from sellers that use stock photos. You need to see exactly what you are buying.  
  • See what else is being sold by the seller. If they have sold or are selling fifty of the same thing, the odds are, it’s counterfeit. 
  • Know what you are buying: Check the designer, model, size and color, till there is no doubt you are bringing home something you will cherish.   



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