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Strangeness: What are some of the strangest luxury products on the market today?

Glace Luxury Ice Glace Luxury Ice is the world’s driving premium beverage ice brand. Our restrictive assembling procedure makes a zero-taste(TM) profile ice which, not at all like customary ice items, permits the customer to amplify the refreshment experience. Our exquisite outline gives least weakening and most extreme cooling, significantly upgrading satisfaction at the purpose […]

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Wet Suits for Work- Bizzare or Cool? Read on to find out!

Would you want to go surfing in a suit? Probably yes! Would you want to go to a beach wedding in a suit and not ruin your suit? Definitely! Beach weddings are the biggest parties. Nor can you miss this party neither can you under dress for the occasion. Quiksilver has come up with a […]

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Four Handbags that Scandalized The World!!

Suri Cruise’s Outrageous Luxury Fashion HandBags: At whatever point Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes met up in sacred marriage, we realized that it wouldn’t have been long until they had an infant. For their situation, infant preceded separation, and little Suri Cruise was conceived. It immediately appeared to the general population that she would be totally […]

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Eleven Most Exclusive Handbags Ever!!

We all love to carry off those one of a kind rare finds and flaunt them. These bags are such pieces which not only scream I am rich but add an extreme chic value to your closet. 1) Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse: $3.8 million This bag is almost impossible to own and one of […]

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Did You Know there’s an Absolutely Perfect Eco-Friendly Alternative to Leather!!!

Every time we watch an animal right’s video, there’s a guilt running in every fashionista’s mind and heart. But, for a fashionista, leather is inevitable. Every brand you want to wear, you want to flaunt, that gives you the best psychogenic satisfaction makes their bags in leather. Few Dutch students have invented an alternative to […]

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Richest Fashion Designers in the World

There are a number of fashion designers who leveraged their dressmaker genius and transformed it into a multi-million buck enterprise. There’s absolutely a lot of money to be made within the trend enterprise – in spite of everything, folks are constantly going to buy clothes! And although many designers have the air of bohemian artists […]

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Stretch Your Shoes at Home With Minimal Effort!

We all know how difficult it is to manage a pair of uncomfortable shoes and most of us end up choosing pain for beauty. Today, we solve this problem for you with four easiest tricks available on the internet to stretch your shoes. Simples of All– This trick is based on a simple science principle […]

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Chanel Airlines- An Ultramodern Fashion Show that Displayed Their 2016 Spring Collection

Karl Lagerfeld is known for creating interesting fashion shows. In the past, he showcased his collections in 2008 in a fashion show at a Santa Monica plane hangar which was decorated like an exclusive airport lounge complete with three cocktail bars, personalized flight bags on each and every seat, and arrival and departure screens listing […]

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Unisex Luxury- A Whole New Potential to Explore Both Halves of the Market

The upcoming designers stopped restricting themselves to one particular gender in the market and removed the hassles of creating a new brand for another gender. They came up with this new potential of exploring both the markets with one design. The Berlin Fashion Week displayed 5 such brands. Collective: They not only specialize in unisex […]

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10 Amazing Fashion Vloggers to subscribe to

Gone are those days when we all used to pick style tips, tips on how to dress, DIY clothing projects and everything fashion related from magazines. Digitalization and Globalization has led to a new media in the world- YOUTUBE.  It is definitely the largest, has the widest reach of audience and the best of all, […]

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