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Day 1 of Lakme Winter/Festive Fashion Week

For all those who missed the biggest fashion festival of India, here is a look back at the first day of the luxurious fashion celebration. Spotted Celebrities: Ranbir for Manish Malhotra Nimrat Kaur for Payal Singhal Anusha Dandekar for Kristy De Cunha Lauren Gottlieb For Baggit Gen Next Show The Gen Next Show had desert […]

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Five Luxurious Eco-Conscious Fashion Brands

Eco-Conscious Luxury is one of the fastest growing markets. Consumers have a new attitude of splurging money on brands that do their part to the environment and the society. Once eco-friendly brands were not stylish but now eco-conscious luxury brands look as stylish as merchandise from any other brand. Today, we have listed few luxury […]

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Seven Fashion Essentials for the Upcoming Marathon

Running a marathon is a hectic task, but all those fashion lovers out there love to look ultra chic even through-out that hectic run. Here, we have listed few fashion essentials for all those fashion lovers who have decided to celebrate running and celebrate Hyderabad through the upcoming Airtel Marathon on 30th August. 1. Socks: […]

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Five Best Fashion Apps that Make any Fashion Lovers’ Life Easier

For all those fashion lovers who are glued to their phone 24*7, the app world brought good news to them.  Now, you have apps that range from shopping to organizing your closet to styling help. Today, I have listed five of the best apps that can be helpful for all the fashion enthusiasts. 1. Trendabl: […]

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Story Behind Biggest Battles of Fashion Luxury Brands

We have seen numerous high-street brands imitating biggest luxury fashion brands to attract their target market. The target market of these high street brands is those people who love luxury brands but could not afford them. So, when these high street brands release designs that are similar to that of high-end luxury brands, they tend […]

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Why Chanel Slapped the Makers of I-phone Cases With Multi-Million Dollar Counterfeiting?

You get to see innumerable fake I-phone cases, in every country, in every market and they can attract even the high-end luxury uses because they love brands and when brands like Chanel don’t make I-phone cases, they don’t have a choice but turn to these fake Chanel I -phone cases.   Shop Jeen, an e-retailer […]

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Wearable Technology – Re-defining Luxury Fashion’s Future

Wearable technology is all set to takeover that special place in every luxury lover’s wardrobe. Let’s take a look at Cute-Circuit’s futuristic style wardrobe and find out their 5 best creations till date. The Twitter Dress: His is the world’s first technological haute couture dress. Nicole Scherzinger looked ravishing in this LED lit dress on the […]

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Why Buying Pre-Owned Luxury Merchandise is Now Attractive?

Re-commerce is the next big thing in India. Consignment shopping is now considered chic and it is done in the open. Re-commerce is not buying that old luxury clothing from a thrift store but it’s buying that designer merchandise that has been gently used, that were “pre-loved”. Did you know that consigned shoes and bags […]

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Story Behind the First Fight Against Counterfeit in Fashion Industry..

Counterfeit has always been the biggest issue in the fashion industry. Today, we have the technology to communicate the different between real and fakes to the costumers. But, in 1920’s, long before all the technological developments, Americans used to come to Europe, look at the designer’s work in the disguise of  a buyer, make counterfeits and […]

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