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When Men Can, Why Can’t Women? Story Behind the Yves Saint Laurent’s Biggest Fashion Revolution..

Yves Saint Laurent was undoubtedly the biggest and most successful designer of the 60’s. He wooed Christian Dior so much with his designs that Dior said Yves was the only one he trusted to take over the brand after his demise. He wasn’t like regular designers. His style was bolder; he was more of a […]

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Isn’t Life too Short to Wear Boring Shoes? Find out How to Customise Sneakers Just With a Sharpie Pen!

Did you ever think you could make the cutest, most adorable sneakers with the help of this permanent marker?? Let’s find out how to do that.. First things first, all you need for this DYI project is a pair of sneakers and a set of sharpie pens. Draw your inspiration, your style or your favourite […]

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China’s First Nomad Pop-up Store – How Abercrombie’s Strategy Opened Doors for a Nomad pop up Store in China

In the 21st century, you don’t need a luxurious space and infrastructure for your brand to exist. Brands today have a new and much affordable alternative- the pop-up stores. Time and again, pop- up stores have proved to be extremely beneficial even to the biggest luxury brands. Be it Chanel’s Covent Garden Pop-up, Kate Spade’s […]

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Double Denims!!! However Bizarre They Looked in the Past, 2015 has Brought them Back in Style…

Yes! Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake looked disastrous in them. Of course this outfit was the most laughed at. It was definitely once considered the most uncouth. But this year, the celebrities have proven this myth wrong and looked absolutely stunning and elegant in their double denims. Let’s take some serious style inspirations from these […]

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10 Fun Facts About Your Favorite Luxury Brands Fashion Designers

1. The famous Italian designer Valentino own five pugs that travel the world with him. All their names start from the letter M and are Monty, Maude, Margot, Maggie and Molly. 2. Louis Vuitton at the end of the year burn down all the unsold bags. This drastic measure is taken only to maintain the […]

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How a Nail Polish Created a Multi-Million Dollar Business in the Fashion Industry

– Story behind Christian Louboutin’s famous red bottoms. When Heidi Klum was asked the one thing she would wear if her husband visited her on a deserted island, she said “My black Louboutins and nothing else”. Danielle Steel, an American novelist has been so much in love with this brand that she owns 6,000 pairs […]

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How to organise your closet!

Who doesn’t what an organised life? And well, talking about organisation, having an organised closet is a blessing in disguise. Every girl has an organised closet unless she decides to dress up and hola a pile of clutter is ready to make you feel miserable. But girls, here’s the answer to the solution- simple ways […]

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How to Rip Denims Yourself

Rip Denims have Been the latest Obsession, The street style ripped jeans with Hobo bags and killer heels is making a trend. But to buy the right piece of distressed denims is not always an easy job as we cannot have control over the rips and its placement on the jeans. That’s where the problem […]

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